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Nummers die live zullen worden gespeeld tijdens de concerten werden uitgebracht in de volgende albums. Songs to be played live were released on the following albums:

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Of Monsters and Men zal op het podium staan voor ongeveer 1:41. Hier is de verwachte setlist gebaseerd op vorige concerten (99% verwachting):

Titel van nummer
  1. Fever Dream cover Alligator
  2. Beneath The Skin cover Empire
  3. My Head Is An Animal cover King and Lionheart
  4. My Head Is An Animal cover Mountain Sound
  5. Fever Dream cover Sleepwalker
  6. Fever Dream cover Wild Roses
  7. Fever Dream cover Stuck in Gravity
  8. Beneath The Skin cover I of the Storm
  9. Fever Dream cover Wars
  10. Beneath The Skin cover Crystals
  11. My Head Is An Animal cover Lakehouse
  12. My Head Is An Animal cover Little Talks
  13. My Head Is An Animal cover Six Weeks
  14. Encore #1

  15. Fever Dream cover Waiting for the Snow
  16. My Head Is An Animal cover Dirty Paws
  17. My Head Is An Animal cover Yellow Light

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