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Setlist profiel

Nummers die live zullen worden gespeeld tijdens de concerten werden uitgebracht in de volgende albums. Songs to be played live were released on the following albums:

Volgende Setlist

The Black Eyed Peas zal op het podium staan voor ongeveer 1:09. Hier is de verwachte setlist gebaseerd op vorige concerten (89% verwachting):

Titel van nummer
  1. Let's Get It Started cover Let's Get It Started
  2. Ritmo (bad Boys For Life) cover Ritmo (Bad Boys for Life)
  3. The E.n.d. cover Rock That Body
  4. Monkey Business cover Pump It
  5. The E.n.d. cover Boom Boom Pow
  6. The Beginning cover Just Can't Get Enough
  7. The Beginning cover Don't Stop the Party
  8. The Beginning cover The Time (Dirty Bit)
  9. Elephunk cover Where Is the Love?
  10. The E.n.d. cover I Gotta Feeling
  11. Monkey Business cover Bebot

The Black Eyed Peas Tour Map 2020

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5 Upcoming concerts, in the following countries: Portugal, Frankrijk, etc.

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