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Top 10 meest afgespeelde liedjes van Radiohead in de laatste 40 concerten.

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Nummers die live zullen worden gespeeld tijdens de concerten werden uitgebracht in de volgende albums. Songs to be played live were released on the following albums:

Volgende Setlist

Luister naar de Afspeellijst van het Volgende Concert (bijgewerkt na elke tourdatum):

Radiohead zal op het podium staan voor ongeveer 2:55. Hier is de verwachte setlist gebaseerd op vorige concerten (99% verwachting):

Titel van nummer
  1. A Moon Shaped Pool cover Daydreaming
  2. Ok Computer cover No Surprises
  3. Hail To The Thief cover There There
  4. Ok Computer cover Exit Music (For a Film)
  5. The Bends cover Street Spirit (Fade Out)
  6. A Moon Shaped Pool cover Desert Island Disk
  7. A Moon Shaped Pool cover Ful Stop
  8. In Rainbows cover 15 Step
  9. Ok Computer cover Lucky
  10. Hail To The Thief cover Myxomatosis
  11. In Rainbows cover All I Need
  12. Amnesiac cover Pyramid Song
  13. Kid A cover Everything in Its Right Place
  14. Ok Computer cover Let Down
  15. The King Of Limbs cover Bloom
  16. In Rainbows cover Reckoner
  17. In Rainbows cover Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
  18. Kid A cover Idioteque
  19. A Moon Shaped Pool cover The Numbers
  20. In Rainbows cover Bodysnatchers
  21. Hail To The Thief cover 2 + 2 = 5
  22. Encore #1

  23. In Rainbows cover Nude
  24. Ok Computer cover Paranoid Android
  25. Encore #2

  26. The King Of Limbs cover Lotus Flower
  27. Ok Computer cover Karma Police

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  1. Hearing Damage
  2. Suspirium
  3. Unmade
Thom Yorke Photo

Thom Yorke

  1. Ingenue
  2. Before Your Very Eyes...
  3. Default
Atoms for Peace Photo

Atoms for Peace

  1. Losing My Religion
  2. Everybody Hurts
  3. Shiny Happy People
R.E.M. Photo


  1. Song 2 - 2012 Remaster
  2. Girls & Boys
  3. Coffee & TV
Blur Photo


  1. Wake Up
  2. Age of Anxiety II (Rabbit Hole)
  3. Age of Anxiety I
Arcade Fire Photo

Arcade Fire

  1. Evil
  2. Obstacle 1
  3. Rest My Chemistry
Interpol Photo


  1. Loser
  2. The Valley of The Pagans (feat. Beck)
  3. E-Pro
Beck Photo


  1. Running Up That Hill
  2. Every You Every Me
  3. The Bitter End
Placebo Photo


  1. coney island (feat. The National)
  2. I Need My Girl
  3. Light Years
The National Photo

The National

  1. Where Is My Mind? - Remastered
  2. Here Comes Your Man
  3. Hey
Pixies Photo


  1. Do You Realize??
  2. Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Pt. 1
  3. She Don't Use Jelly
The Flaming Lips Photo

The Flaming Lips

  1. Island In The Sun
  2. Say It Ain't So
  3. Buddy Holly
Weezer Photo


  1. The Rat
  2. Run From The Gun
  3. It Was A Rose
Dead Confederate Photo

Dead Confederate

  1. Feel Good Inc.
  2. Rhinestone Eyes
  3. On Melancholy Hill
Gorillaz Photo


  1. The Adults Are Talking
  2. Reptilia
  3. Last Nite
The Strokes Photo

The Strokes

  1. There Is a Light That Never Goes Out - 2011 Remaster
  2. This Charming Man - 2011 Remaster
  3. Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now - 2011 Remaster
The Smiths Photo

The Smiths

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