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Nummers die live zullen worden gespeeld tijdens de concerten werden uitgebracht in de volgende albums. Songs to be played live were released on the following albums:

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The Driver Era zal op het podium staan voor ongeveer 1:38. Hier is de verwachte setlist gebaseerd op vorige concerten (89% verwachting):

Titel van nummer
  1. Feel You Now cover Feel You Now
  2. X cover Nobody Knows
  3. Afterglow cover Afterglow
  4. X cover Giveuwhatuwant
  5. no cover Sex on Fire
  6. no cover Can't Take My Eyes Off You
  7. X cover Scared of Heights
  8. Encore #1

  9. no cover Stop, Don't Move
  10. Preacher Man cover Preacher Man
  11. Sometime Last Night cover Did You Have Your Fun? (R5 cover)
  12. Encore #2

  13. X cover San Francisco
  14. Inxs Remastered cover Never Tear Us Apart (INXS cover)
  15. X cover Natural
  16. New Addictions cover Red Velvet (R5 cover)
  17. Welcome To The End Of Your Life cover Welcome to the End of Your Life
  18. Encore #3

  19. Low cover Low

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  1. Loud
  2. Pass Me By
  3. Smile
R5 Photo


  1. Cruisin' for a Bruisin' - From "Teen Beach Movie"
  2. Can't Stop Singing
  3. Meant to Be
Ross Lynch Photo

Ross Lynch

  1. Maniac
  2. Crush Culture
  3. Idle Town
Conan Gray Photo

Conan Gray

  1. Talk Too Much
  2. Run
  3. Malibu 1992
Coin Photo


  1. broken
  2. these are my friends
  3. maybe, i'm afraid
lovelytheband Photo


  1. Sign Of The Times
  2. Adore You
  3. Watermelon Sugar
Harry Styles Photo

Harry Styles

  1. Electrified
  2. Soul Train (feat. Debbie Harry of Blondie)
  3. Creep
Just Loud Photo

Just Loud

  1. still feel.
  2. The Fall
  3. arrow
half•alive Photo


  1. Dreaming
  2. Over & Over
  3. Mason Jar
Smallpools Photo


  1. Are You Bored Yet? (feat. Clairo)
  2. These Days
  3. Pleaser
Wallows Photo


  1. Sue Me
  2. Thumbs
  3. Why
Sabrina Carpenter Photo

Sabrina Carpenter

  1. Youngblood
  2. She Looks So Perfect
  3. Amnesia
5 Seconds of Summer Photo

5 Seconds of Summer

  1. Younger
  2. Painkiller
  3. Dazed & Confused
Ruel Photo


  1. Burnin' Up
  2. Sucker
  3. S.O.S.
Jonas Brothers Photo

Jonas Brothers

  1. Brazil
  2. Why Do You Feel So Down
  3. Make Me Your Queen
Declan Mckenna Photo

Declan Mckenna

  1. All Night
  2. Somebody to You
  3. Can We Dance
The Vamps Photo

The Vamps

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